Some of the most enjoyable SEO campaigns for us have been those that are the most challenging.

What’s the fun in helping out a company that is already doing well?

We are the solution guys, we like to solve things for our clients.

This is a pretty little tale of one of those SEO campaigns, for a carpet retailer who was suffering from extremely low traffic sugar.

In only 6 months, we lifted their algorithmic penalty and increased their traffic by 4.3X and doubled their revenue.

But let’s take a look at the problem first.

The Challenge:

When we started working with this carpet retailer, their traffic was all-time low because they were hit by the Google algorithm.

This was a time when many finance and health websites were affected, apart from e-commerce websites.

After a detailed analysis we found out that many backlinks on this website were bought from Fiver and were therefore not authentic. We had to do a complete cleanup of the website first and review their backlinks.

Some of the main criteria we used to check a backlink was:

  • Is the link visible where it’s being put up?
  • Is the Domain Authority of the website high enough?
  • Is the content relevant?
  • What is the type of link used i.e. is it comment spam or some sitewide shady sidebar links
  • Is the link from an inappropriate site?
  • Is the link even relevant to your site?
  • Does it look spammy?
  • What’s the anchor text?
  • Is the link follow/nofollow?
  • Is the link acquired from scraping or statistical websites?

Once this was done, we proceeded with the next step.

The Solution:

We were able to successfully remove the shady backlinks and generate quality traffic for the website as the results show below:

Within six months, the monthly traffic grew to 39,650 visitors from a meager 9756 monthly visitors.

Here’s exactly what we did to achieve this result:

  • Used long-tail keywords to rank:

We targeted bottom-of-the-funnel customer journey keywords that signified commercial intent:

85 of these keywords ranked on the first three results of the SERPs.

Bottom-of-the-Funnel keywords are keywords that focused on driving conversions rather than traffic.

They are used by buyers who are actively in-market and ready to make a purchase.

This strategy is mostly used B2C businesses who have tech-savvy buyers that know what they are searching for.

The graph below how most of the keywords that we used for this client ranked on the SERPs. Yes most of them were in the top 10 and hence on the first page:

  • 2. Customer Reviews:

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing and optimised alt-tags were enough to get you ranking for popular keywords. Google is ever-evolving and customer reviews have fast become an integral part of SEO for businesses. If you’re not yet collecting, now’s the time to start.

For this purpose, we did email outreach to loyal customers and asked them to review the website. We then did regular follow-ups and gave them swag boxes for writing a review on Trustpilot:

A little background on It is a Danish consumer review website which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Nearly 1 million new reviews are posted each month. This means that companies which get good reviews on Trustpilot, already win the SEO race.

Moreover, instead of seeing reviews as feedback alone, we saw them as content – because that’s how Google sees them, after all.

Every time a customer leaves you a review, Google is provided with fresh content to crawl and index. Even if it’s bad, it’s likely to contain keywords relevant to your business or location. This helps Google gain a clearer picture of what your business does, enabling it to better position you in the SERPSa accordingly.

  • Backlink Profile:

We did a thorough competitor analysis to find out their backlinks and then targeted those websites to gain quality backlinks too. We were able to get the client 5,000+ backlinks from more than 250 referring domains.


A big part of our efforts once the basic SEO was on track, was the link building element.

Considering that the site had already been affected by the Google algorithm, we knew that we needed to work towards getting very good quality links from high-authority websites.

So we engaged in an SEO strategy called Broken link-building; It is a white-hat, effective, scalable, content-focused link building strategy that builds links through finding broken links, recreating that broken content, and replacing broken links with the corrected link.

This way we were able to drive a significant amount of traffic to the website, that our competitors were missing out on.

  • On-page optimization:

We also did a comprehensive technical audit of the website to make the page speed faster.

We discovered and advised on some basic (and advanced) page speed optimization strategies, including deferring JavaScript, improving time-to-first-byte (TTFB) times and using of sprites.

The guys started at 21/100 Low (Mobile) and 63/100 Medium (Desktop) for the site. Now it looks like this:

  • Content audit:

Our team at LazyMetrics has prepared an in-house content audit template to monitor Google Analytics traffic, backlinks and determine page-wise traffic of any website, and we used it for this website too:

We deleted all those pages that have very less meaningful traffic and don’t generate any revenue and this way we were able to rank the site higher in the search engine results.

Too often, we post something and then never go back to it again. Years later, it’s outdated, stale, and completely irrelevant. Good practice demands that we return to our content periodically to ensure that everything is as fresh and beautiful as the day it was released to the world.

An audit will tell you where you need to focus your future efforts in terms of both an SEO and content marketing perspective. And it can even give you insight into potential changes that will improve your lead generation, sales, and marketing processes.

Through this, we were able to increase their sales from $1.62 million to $3.4 million with the average lifetime value of a customer being $4,500.

Overall we saw a 112.5% revenue increase, a 37.6% users increase, a 1,306.7% ROI increase, and 48.4% sessions increase.

This is why we love SEO.

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