Backlinks are overrated! But more on that later.

You can get a substantial amount of website traffic just through content marketing alone.

When we started working with this law firm, we had one goal in mind – to get them more business.

The only way to do so was to drive quality targeted traffic to their website that actually converts and finds their content relevant.

So this was how it looked:

And this is where we got them.

Let’s discuss in detail now.

The Challenge:

The situation looked abysmal:

  • Super slow website speed
  • Zero on-page optimization (no meta descriptions at all)
  • Website was plagued with different technical issues
  • They had not posted any content since 2015
  • High bounce rates
  • Poor engagement and conversion

This was the scenario:

The next step was to figure out why the root-cause of these problems.

The Analysis:

We determined five key areas which could be the main culprit for the site’s disappointing performance:

  • Low-quality link profile
  • Poor internal linking
  • Missing and/or duplicate content
  • Poor keyword research
  • Weak on page optimization
  • Mobile-unfriendly website

So with an uphill battle ahead of us, we had to create the right plan of attack.

The Solution:

When we took over, we increased their monthly revenue from $7000 to $24,000 i.e. almost tripled the total revenue. What’s more is that the conversion rate also improved because we were driving quality traffic that actually converts, and not just any kind of traffic.

We increased site’s traffic by 267% in only a matter of 6 months:

So here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we set about to achieve that:

  • Set up an FAQ section:

People often ask questions related to how to get rid of DUI (Driving Under Influence) tickets.

Having a well-structured FAQ section on your website is a great way to show online customers that you care about their experience and search engines love that.

So we set up an FAQ section answering all such queries so that this site’s content can show in PAA (People Also Ask) section on Google Search:

With the increasing popularity of voice search, it cannot be denied that people are looking for easier and faster ways to get answers to their questions, and so setting up an FAQ strategy should be a paramount part of your overall SEO efforts.

  • Intent-Based Keyword Strategy:

We used answer-based keywords to rank targeting BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) customers, driving action and saving costs instead of targeting other funnels:

Based on this keyword strategy, we were able to rank the site in the top 3 search results for the majority of keywords:

  • Local SEO:

DUI ticket-related queries are often location-specific, like ‘How to get rid of DUI in Florida’ and so local SEO was key here. All our keywords had the word ‘Florida’ in them.

We also engaged in timely update of events on Google My Business as it was a key source of traffic for this law business. We also engaged and replied to customers on Google My Business to keep up with the momentum.

We helped the client formulate a strategy to reach out to the customers and get more reviews:

Getting reviews via authority sites or social networks is a sure-shot way of better rankings on Google, as we did for this law firm:

  • Technical SEO:

We did a thorough technical audit and fixed problems like:

  • Adding relevant ALT tags
  • Updating duplicate meta data
  • Fixing internal 301 redirects
  • Taking care of all 404 errors

And so on and so forth!

All in all, here’s what we achieved for this law website just by formulating a better content strategy:

The number of organic users in the last 6 months increased by 114.49%, and the average session duration increased by 14.84%.

The client has been living happily ever after since, and so were we.

But wait, this case study isn’t over yet.

We made a very big statement in the start that backlinks are overrated. Let’s discuss that.

Why are backlinks overrated?

Backlinks help you rise in ranks as the subject matter expert but don’t give your users any experience. Content on the other hand tells your customers what they need to know and thus creates an experience.

Poor content leaves customers unsatisfied with the user experience. Backlinks, regardless of their quantity or quality, don’t matter in this regard at all.

Content signals to Google and to your customers what your page is about. Backlinks don’t fulfill this purpose. You can rank on Google without backlinks, you cannot rank without content.

Moreoever, good content builds backlinks, good backlinks do not build content. Pretty nifty isn’t it?

So this is why you can survive without backlinks, but you cannot do so without content.

Content rules!

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